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Mystical journeys. Going beyond the mind

img_1452I will be holding a space of love and connection to help to go beyond the mind, to explore yourself as unlimited consciousness and to meet yourself as you are, to look at yourself without the judgement and preconceived ideas, to stretch your understanding about yourself.

I have created 2 events and in both of them we will be working with the breath, dance, Kundalini yoga and a Cacao ceremony. The second event will also include Liberating breathing or Rebirthing. The events are not interconnected and can be taken on their own.

These events are for people who are interested in exploring and healing themselves, who are ready to open up and let go of old conditioning and beliefs that prevent them from living with joy in the present moment. Beginners and more advanced individuals are welcome. All that is needed is the willingness to open up.

The space is limited for 12 people. We will share vegetarian meals. If you have specific nutritional needs, please let us know.

Here are the dates and the schedules for the events:

Event 1:  26 and 27th of November 2016

Day 1

  • 18.00  Dinner
  • 19.30  Conscious dance
  •  21.00  Cacao ceremony

Day 2

  • 7.30  Kundalini yoga
  • 9.15  Breakfast
  • 10.00 Walking in the nature
  • 13.30  Lunch

Event 2:  9, 10 and 11th of December 2016

Day 1

  • 18.00  Dinner
  • 19.30  Ecstatic dance
  • 21.00  Cacao ceremony

Day  2

  • 7.30   Kundalini yoga
  • 9.00   Breakfast
  • 10.30  Liberating breathwork (Rebirthing), working in pairs
  • 14.00  Lunch
  • 15.30  Liberating breathwork (Rebirthing), working in pairs
  • 18.00  Dinner

Day  3

  • 7.30  Kundalini yoga
  • 9.00  Breakfast
  • 10.30 Walking in the nature
  • 13.00  Lunch

Location: Marvao, Alentejo, Portugal.

Prices: for the fist event €65, for the second event €125. Price includes acomodation and meals as indicated.

To book your place contact me at or call me on 968808249

With love, Jolita

What is a cacao ceremony?

Calling the Spirit of CacaoIt’s thought cacao was first used as a health elixir and ceremonial medicine as far back as 1900 BC by the ancestors of Central America.

In ceremonial doses raw cacao helps us to enter the space of deep meditation and reflection, it is a powerful heart opener that helps us to open up and heal emotions that have been blocked, to get guidance and inspiration.

When I first had a Cacao ceremony, I realised that I found a safe and enjoyable way to connect to my deeper self, to nurture myself in difficult times and to reflect upon myself. I received a message to do my purification work and then at some point I was asked to stay present in my body and then my perception of normal reality had changed, everything felt so alive and pleasurable, the yoga mat and a blanket I was lying on became as the most pleasurable and comfortable bed and then I started feeling very strong energy in my base chakra and going up my spine. This was my first taste of Kundalini energy. I felt a little scared, but also very curious and intrigued. It had raised up to the middle of my spine and stopped. The next morning I felt strong connection to myself and others, the fear of connecting to others was gone.

Cacao is gentle and powerful at the same time. It takes us on our inner journey, yet at the same time we are aware of the present reality. All we need to do is be present and watch, allow ourselves to be taken on the unfolding journey.

We start with our intention and prayer, we call the spirit of Cacao asking for inspiration or guidance, we also ask for protection, we drink the cacao drink very slowly which is ground cacao beans with hot water and some chilli and other additives like honey and spices, and it’s also possible to add some nut milk if desired. Then we go into meditation in a seated position or lying down. Normally the ceremony takes 3-5 hours. We come out of the process very slowly and at the end we thank the Cacao spirit and for the protection. Some people might feel like sharing the experience, while others might prefer to stay in quiet contemplation.

I have been enjoying my own Cacao ceremonies and I also like doing it in a group. I guess that cacao is more subtle than other stronger plant medicine, therefore more alertness and focus is needed to realise it’s teachings.

I feel very passionate about spreading the healing powers of Cacao by using it myself and holding the space for others. For me it is one of the powerful ways to open the heart, to reach the subconscious, to increase sensitivity and learning to trust the subtle realms, to pay attention, to watch, to be still, to learn, to grow.

Thank you, Cacao, for coming to my life as a teacher and guide, as my most intimate friend and comforter. I will never take you for granted. My silent prayer is that every human being find their way to communicate with the Divine and maybe one of them would be the Cacao.

Pudding with mulberries

Creamy breakfast pudding
Creamy breakfast pudding

This has been my favourite breakfast lately, I am sharing the recipe so you can enjoy it too. I use soaked seeds and nuts as it helps to release anti-nutrients and eases the digestion. The creaminess of it makes it really yummy.

Creamy   breakfast   pudding ( serves 1 )

2 handfuls shelled walnuts, soaked overnight
2 handfuls sesame seeds, soaked overnight
1 ripe banana
Small piece of lemon, including the peel
You can add your favourite superfoods ( I liked mine just plain)

Add a little water and blend everything in a blender until smooth.

Top with fresh berries or fruit of your choice ( I added mulberries which are in season in Portugal now)

Sprinkle with cinnamon.


Fermented Rose Goddess drink

IMG_1281resizedI love fermented drinks as they quench my thirst, fill the tummy with good bacteria or probiotics, detoxify and make me feel good. I’ve been experimenting with creating different flavors using different herbs and flowers and spices. They are very easy to make and it is so much fun!

So far my absolute favorites are Elderflower, Rose petals, Jasmine flowers and Orange flowers. I also got a very good flavor with Caraway seeds.

Here is very simple recipe with rose petals (I used Gertrude Jekyll rose petals, this is a fragrant rose). It tasted absolutely amazing.

  • 1 liter water
  • 4 table spoons raw honey not very strongly flavoured
  • 0,5  lemon juice
  • 2 full handfuls of rose petals

How to make it:

  • Put all the ingredients in a kilner jar and keep at least 2-3 days, then take the rose petals out. Ferment another 1-4 days. Duration of the fermentation process depends on the temperature. The hotter it is the quicker it ferments. It is ready when there are lots of bubbles and it is fizzy. If you reached the desired result you can transfer to the fridge.
  •  Good to drink before meals.

Happy fermentation!

Much love


My personal insights into emotional healing

IMG_1224I am one of those sensitive individuals who just cannot bear the weight of unhealed emotions and traumas, or maybe in other words I had enough emotional trauma with my cup overflowing so that long ago I started looking at different ways to heal myself and feel better and better. My strongest and the most shattering traumas were being involved in dramatic car accident where I was badly injured and lost my beloved father at a very young age and also couple of sexual abuses which somehow injured my healthy perspective on men and sexuality in general.

The fundamental flaw of our educational system is that we are not taught how to handle emotions or how to heal old emotions which are the core of our well being. We are expected to function from our minds as very rational and sensible beings, totally ignoring how we feel. Some individuals have difficulty distinguishing between thinking and feeling, well I was one of them to some extent. We are not given tools to access our subconscious and heal what we’ve been suppressing for years.

So where do we start?

The good way is to start observing our current emotions and often ask ourselves how do I feel?  Is it sadness or grief or maybe frustration? It is good to give it some time to process being fully present and aware and breathing into your belly. We can ask questions (preferably with the eyes closed) like when was the last time I felt this way? When was the first time I felt this way? Let your emotion know that you are giving it your full attention now. Some memories or vague feelings might come up to your present awareness. Stay present with your memory and breathe without judging, just simply observing. If you get in touch with your childhood trauma simply watch with your current awareness and try to understand how can you comfort that child that you were, what are her/his needs? Talk to your inner child and get an idea what is it that that child needed then?  To heal this you might use affirmations for as long as you feel relief. For example: for a child who had no space to express their needs you might write:

I, (your name), feel important and free to express my needs.

You, (your name), feel important and free to express your needs.

She, ( your name), feels important and free to express your needs.

You choose an affirmation which resonates with you. Play with several of them.

You can write it for at least 21 days or longer until you feel you healed it and it is not bothering you anymore, you don’t feel overwhelmed or victimized. You  have achieved clarity and feel empowered. If it comes up some time in the future you repeat the process. You can also use your creativity and use your imagination on how would you like to soothe your inner child. Maybe by writing letters with compassion or maybe taking your inner child for a beautiful walk by the beach in your visualizations? Be creative.

Another great healing modality is EFT. Once you get in touch with your wound and have some clarity about it you can tap (watch YouTube for examples). For example for a child with unmet needs it could sound like this:

Even though I was neglected, felt unloved and ignored I still love, accept and forgive myself (this is a so called set-up statement which we use to express what made us feel uncomfortable). Then we move on expressing how we want to feel now: “And now I choose to love myself to accept the way I am, to give all attention and time that I need. I am important. I was born in  this world as a powerful creator and I am important as everybody else, I have power to create my own well being”, etc.

The idea here is that we want our own healing and actively ask for it. The universe will provide the right tools for as. The life itself will bring up the unresolved issues again and again until we no longer can hold them.

If at any time we feel like crying or screaming or laughing let it happen, give it a time, breathe, write, let if flow. But don’t ignore it, don’t suppress.

For some other people it might be difficult to reach their unhealed emotions without some other type of body work. I would recommend trying rebirthing, massage, laughter, dance, yoga, energy healing or rituals. I recently  was surprised that a cacao ceremony worked for me well for reaching increased awareness and getting some insights. Some people use healing plant medicine, but I have no personal experience with this so can’t comment.

Another powerful way to look at your emotional healing is to cultivate awareness through meditation or yoga, or simply by becoming an observer. You feel whatever surfaces, but you don’t give it your power, you just observe. In  this way you transcend your pain, it’s not that you forget about it, but energetically it no longer bothers you, no longer drains you and keeps you in the past.

If you have no confidence to start your healing on your own, find someone else who could assist you. Someone you feel very comfortable with so that you can open up. Try different people and different approaches, see what works for you, stick to what works for you for a while, but also explore different modalities at the same time. You know that you are in the process of healing if you have increased confidence, feeling lighter and happier, if you no longer have an emotional charge to the memory or the wound, if you feel you’re expanding and feeling good in your own skin. Commit to your healing. Be happy, be well.

With love, Jolita

My healing journey with food

My raw meal
My raw meal: Sea spaghetti, vine leaves stuffed with sesame seed filling, sauerkraut, beetroot pate and tomatoes

In the early years of my life I often found myself feeling tired, unenthusiastic and depressed. Partly the reason I guess was due to schooling trauma, which directed my energy in very specific and limiting ways, but I am also convinced that my diet played a vital part.

A huge amount of my diet consisted of processed wheat and dairy. Other food was:  small amount of meat, fish, eggs, some fermented foods, vegetables and lots of fruit and berries in summer. But I had little idea how to balance my food so that my digestive system could run smoothly.

Because I ate a lot of low fiber foods like bread I often found myself constipated which made me feel disconnected and depressed. I also didn’t drink enough water.

Later in my life when I moved to London, I met an Italian spiritual teacher Michealangelo Ciecci  who inspired me to go on vegan diet. Expecting to heal my buried emotions, stored fears and balance my digestive system I dived fully into it for 6 years. I have to admit it made a difference, and I was exited learning to prepare my food in a completely different way.  But naughty me was eating still far too much bread. I didn’t take B 12 supplements.

Later on I was very keen to try raw vegan diet. I was introduced to superfoods-like raw cacao, maca, goji berries etc. I was very exited with my new experiments. I started using more greens, including wild greens, hemp milk etc.

After 7 years of not using any animal products and not supplementing with B12 I started having weird moments of dizziness and disorientation. I had thoughts that I damaged my brain. As I don’t believe in manufactured supplements, I introduced Krill oil. I didn’t had any immediate improvement so I was searching further. I also was concerned about my oral health at that moment and I came across Weston Price book “Nutrition and physical degeneration”. Weston Price was a travelling dental researcher who was looking into indigenous peoples diets and what effect it had on their teeth and overall wellbeing. He came to the conclusion that all of them ate  some animal products.

I decided to start taking cod liver oil and eggs. Some time later I added small amount of meat and fish. My symptoms of dizziness gradually disappeared.

Today I am still learning and keep changing what I eat. But my main principal is to eat what I can digest and eliminate easily.

I eat high raw, and sometimes I cook my meals, especially in winter to give myself some warmth and nurturing.

My current diet consists of:

Fresh fruit and vegetables, seaweed.

Soaked or sprouted nuts and seeds, coconuts and coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, cod liver oil, eggs (boiled or raw), small amount of fish (herring, sardines, mackerel, tuna ) and very small amount of meat like chicken of beef liver (as it’s dense with the nutrients) and small amount of raw dairy.

Dates, dried figs and honey for sweetening. Also Lucuma or Carob.

Fermented food like sauerkraut, kefir, soured raw milk, kombucha, jun, other fermented drinks.

Superfoods like raw cacao, Lucuma,  medicinal mushroom powders, Shilajit, bee polen, goji berries, hemp milk, chlorela etc.

My main principles of choosing my food are:

Local and fresh as possible  and organic.

Whole as opposed to processed.

Small scale production.

Wheat, processed sugar and preservative free.

I drink about 1.5-2 liters of water (preferably spring water) to assist digestion.

I fast sometimes for one day to reset my digestive system and gain clarity.

I balance protein and carbohydrates for optimal wellbeing.

I avoid:

Fried or toasted food (just very minimal amount), alcohol (only very small amount occasionally), dehydrated food.

Of course when I travel I eat very differently, but at this point I have more understanding how my body works and can bring it to balance quicker. I do eat food which gives me emotional pleasure and can be processed, but again I am aware of this and it is ok to do it once in a while.

At the moment I also drink coffee about 5-7 times per week. I do it for emotional comfort and I am aware of it. I avoid overdosing as I would feel overstimulated and not grounded.

If you would like some guidance on how to improve your diet for your physical and emotional wellbeing and want to learn some raw food, fermented food, raw cakes and chocolate recipes you are kindly invited to stay on our farm in Portugal. Or I would happily participate in your event or retreat giving workshops on raw food preparation.

Contact me at

My Experience with Kundalini Yoga

IMG_1065cropped-imageI have always loved exploring myself through art, meditation, dance,  singing and chanting, anything that would connect me deeply to myself. I have always had a longing for that deep state where there is no mind, just full acceptance to what is, which is deeply healing.

I am sure that many of us are familiar with the state of being where the things flow effortlessly with no conscious control on our part and we feel as we have been plugged in with some sort of Higher Consciousness.

I have turned  to Kundalini yoga as a connecting and healing tool for my own personal healing. I love going within, with the awareness and full deep breathing and awakening my body and soul by stretching it. Sometimes I have a lot of resistance and other times it flows easier. I have learned to go with the flow with no expectation, this way my body and mind are more present and relaxed. It teaches me to surrender as an expectation is some kind of energetic block.

I have an intimate relationship with my mat and I surrender all my fears insecurities,  pain, emotions of sadness or joy  or whatever is present at particular moment. I work with the healing intention and ask for the guidance.

I had moments of emotional release happening to me, especially when singing mantras during Sadhana. I let the emotion flow through me whether it would be tears or laughter. I would express it fully until it has gone and left me more at peace with myself. I would feel stronger and more connected to myself afterwards.

Kundalini yoga has been helping me to release old emotions, to recognize and drop old habits which didn’t serve me in a good way, to connect to my personal power, to see myself in a new expanded light, to be comfortable with my new self. And of course it has a good effect on my body too. My body loves it! I feel stronger, flexible and detoxed.

I teach Kundalini yoga classes because it has been helping me on my personal journey and I love sharing this ancient technology  with others hoping that it would enrich their lives too.

Usually I start the class with whole body stretches which prepare for the kriya or set of asanas for particular purpose, for example to open the heart.  Then it is followed by relaxation which helps to integrate the practice. We finish off with  chanting a mantra with a particular hand posture or mudra.

My aim is to create a safe and relaxed space for people to open up and explore themselves. There is no pressure from my part. I encourage people to go within and practice with devotion within the limits of their bodies.

I teach regular Kundalini yoga classes in Castelo de Vide, Portugal.

I also teach in our retreats in Portugal, Marvao,

If you want to organize an event and want me to teach Kundalini yoga, contact me at

The following events that I will be sharing Kundalini yoga are:

”Sexualidade Sagrada” at Marvao, 29-31 of July, with Amala Shakti Devi

Edenic states retreat” in Mexico this September, with Holly Page and Gwyneth Robbins

“Rediscovering and Activating your true Potential” seven day Training and Retreat 19th-25th March 2017, Tepoztlan, Mexico, “Edenic states retreat” 

About Rebirthing

ButterflyMany years ago when I started my inner healing journey I came across Rebirthing or conscious connected breathing. I was very eager to try it and was lucky to receive sessions from Diana Roberts – a gifted rebirther. I was a little scared but my curiosity was taking over. I was lying down on the mattress and breathing in a connected way. Diana was supporting me to keep up with the pace. I was going outside my comfort zone as I have never breathed this way. I started to feel intense tingling in different parts of my body and, I was resisting, yes, as the sensations were unusual. I kept breathing under the guidance of Diana and surprise surprise I was flooded with the healing energy with helped me to clear the block of the car accident I had had when I was a child. I felt like I had lost about 20kg from my energy body. This was my first realization what breath can do for us. I have never taken it for granted since then.

As I had many emotions to heal from my past such as school trauma, conditioned parenting which led to very law self esteem, sexual abuse, death urge which was present in me after I lost my father in the same car accident that I was involved – I committed myself to this beautiful healing modality and kept having many rebirthing sessions.

Diana was an empowered woman in every sense, she was holding the space with a fully open heart, kindness and firmness. I felt secure and that helped to open up. The breath was helping me to see things in a different light and connect to my personal power. I loved it as it was beyond words – pure connection with the Source.
My definition of Rebirthing from my very intimate connection with it and what it did for me would be:

– A healing process beyond the time and space by connecting to the Source.
– Divine purification
– Awareness cultivation and consciousness exploration.
– Connecting to your true self beyond old beliefs.

During the sessions I also realized with my body that if I tense and resist I would experience a lot of tension and unpleasant sensations and if I relax and let go I would go through the healing process much more freely. I carried this message to my real life – relaxation and surrender to the life flow is the key to bring us wonderful opportunities that life has to offer.

The more we heal our emotions the more we can be present to life and live in the moment without dragging our past with us. We can get in touch with our needs and fulfil them and from here we can listen better and hear the needs of other people.

My healing journey still continues and it’s a wonderful journey bringing me joy and fulfilment.

I am offering Rebirthing sessions for individuals who would like to explore themselves and to know themselves better, to release old restricting beliefs about themselves and embrace new ones for happier lives.

I invite you to stay in rural Portugal on a wild 14 ha land where you could receive Rebirthing sessions with me. To support your healing we could also work with nutrition, yoga, meditation, mantras and creativity exploration.

You could stay in a tent or little bedroom. I could work with 1-2 persons at a time. Minimum stay 5 days, maximum 1 month.
We have spring water on the land, wild rocks and part of the land is turning to forest. You could hear lots of bird and other creature sounds. You could climb the rocks to watch sunrise. There is no light pollution in the area so you can do star gazing and follow the Moon cycles.

There are many walks in the area. Facilities are very basic and include a compost toilet and washing area where we could heat the water and mix with cold spring water. You could wash your clothes in the river. Water is chlorine free. I could take you to a swimming pool in the local area or to the river beach nearby in the hot season. Best time to stay is Spring, Summer (apart from very hot August) or Autumn.

The price for a day is £100 including food.

Contact me on or find out more about our retreats at

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